Crisis Media Training

Your business is in the news. You might be facing strike action. Perhaps a new product launch hasn’t gone according to plan. Your profits aren’t what the market expected. The phone goes and it’s the BBC, Sky News and CNN all wanting to speak to you. An ill-judged word in a TV interview could cause years of hard work to evaporate. Are you ready to face the cameras? Do you know how to survive this potential and very public crisis or turn it to your advantage? We can guide you through this period or train you to help prepare for it. We can deliver this training in a highly effective way via video conference which includes recording interviews, playback and review. All delegates need is their own laptop or tablet. Video conference training allows us to deliver last-minute training – whatever the distance.

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Your session will include:

  • How to stop the crisis or issue turning into a PR disaster
  • Case studies of good and bad interviews in a crisis situation
  • How to prepare for interview scenarios like being doorstepped when journalists turn up uninvited
  • The development of messages in a crisis
  • Interview tactics to avoid falling into a journalist’s trap
  • Realistic and demanding interview scenarios which will be recorded and reviewed

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