Webinar Training & Production

Do you want a webinar which makes you stand out from the crowd? Something that will give you a commercial edge over your competitors. We can help you get that professional advantage.

We can support you in two ways: training & production.


Our training for hosts, presenters and guests helps them perform, convey their messages and be a better interviewer or interviewee.

Our training can cover the following:

  • Script writing & webinar structuring.
  • Interviewing technique.
  • Body language.
  • What to wear.
  • Engage with the camera.
  • Use of voice and microphone.
  • Use of autocue.


We can produce your webinar to make it look like a TV News programme. Our team includes producers, crew and graphic designers many of whom have worked for BBC and Sky News. We have accesss to a number of studios depending on our clients’ needs.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • PRE-PRODUCTION: Advice on scripting, questions, graphics. We can also give advice to contributors on framing, lighting and other technical aspects to ensure their contributions look and sound as good as possible.
  • STUDIO HIRE: Using a studio will lend your webinar the authority of a news programme. The host and a number of guests can make their contribution from the studio reducing the risk of technical problems associated with webcams.
  • HOST: We provide a host for the webinar. They will usually be a BBC, Sky News or CNN anchor, to lend a professional edge to the production.
  • GRAPHICS: A picture tells a thousand words. We can work with you to produce professional-looking graphics to help tell your story. These can be simple stills or beautiful animations.
  • VIDEO INSERTS: One part of the story you wish to tell, or the information you wish to convey, maybe better expressed through professional video content. We can produce content in a variety of styles scripting, filming and editing your production ready for use in your webinar.
  • POST-PRODUCTION: We can take a recording of your webinar and improve it through editing and the addition of graphics or additional material before you post it to your website.

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