We’ve worked with more than 300 different companies and organisations including luxury brands, creative industries, professional services, oil and power, charities, local government, government agencies, financial services, IT, design, fintech manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, utilities, travel operators and construction.  This is just what some of our clients say about our services.


“The benefit of Martin’s 25+ years’ experience in broadcasting really comes across in the quality and depth of his media training. He has a real gift for communicating with people at all levels, from the CEO down, putting people at ease and drawing out key messaging. He makes people look and feel as relaxed and open as possible to ensure the best possible media interview.  I’d recommend him to anyone.”  

Group Director of Corporate Affairs – Harrods  royal_mail

“As a media trainer Martin offers a unique insight built from his experience on both sides of the media line.  He’s been the journalist chasing the story and the person at the heart of the story.  It’s an insight which he communicates brilliantly and which resonates with everyone he works with.” 

Director of Commercial Public Relations – Royal Mail Group


“Martin’s broad media experience gives him an unparalleled insight into what works and what doesn’t work in an interview. He is able to offer advice on everything from how to bring your message to life to what colour shirt you should wear. He constructs a very credible interview setting which provides invaluable practice for both the inexperienced and the seasoned interviewee.”

VP External Relations – Sony Music EntertainmentOpen Road

“My client’s session with Martin was time and money well spent.  The media training was professional, intelligent and practical.  One of the best in the field.”

Martin Le Jeune – Director – Open Road Public Affairs