Why The Name?

When our founder Martin Popplewell was 15 years old he was inspired to live as a castaway on an uninhabited desert island in the Pacific Ocean. He realised his dream when he was 18 years old and won a commission from the BBC to make a documentary about his adventures. On a desert island, coconut palms are the most important tree. We like to think we will be just as important to your communications strategy.

The adventure became a media sensation, with journalists flying halfway round the world to cover the story. Martin kept a video diary of his experience.

In 2001, he returned to the Pacific to make a critically acclaimed documentary. The Real Castaway reunites the two castaways on their desert island 12 years after their experience. It’s a story about adventure, growing up and the pursuit of an impossible dream.

In The Times, Matthew Parris described The Real Castaway as “absorbing … visually very beautiful … an extraordinary tale”.

Time Out  “very watchable …”

The Sunday Times described The Real Castaway as one of THE must watch programmes over Christmas, saying it “has to be seen to be believed”.

To watch the documentary, click below.

To mark the 300th anniversary of the publication of the novel Robinson Crusoe, Martin contributed to the Radio 4 programme Great Lives. To listen, click on the image below.