Pitch Training via Video Conference

Even before the coronavirus more and more meetings were taking place over video conference. But communicating your messages, winning a pitch and connecting with a webcam can all provide their own challenges when working via Teams, Zoom or other VC platforms.

Your tutor will be someone with years of experience working in front of cameras and using them to communicate. Our consultants know all the tricks of the trade and have experience of training hundreds of people – from the CEO down.

Your training session will cover:

  • Technical advice about how to make the best of pitching via webcam
  • How to engage with the camera and connect with your audience
  • Body language, voice and dress
  • Preparation & structure of your pitch
  • Establishing clear messages
  • Use of PowerPoint & other visual aids
  • Dealing with questions and answers

Every course is tailored to your individual needs.  All courses include realistic practical sessions.  We will record your practical exercise for full review and critique.

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